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Houston Property Manager

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All but one of our employees have been with us for 14 years or more.  We have weathered and been educated by Tropical Storm Allison in 2001 and Hurricane Ike in 2008.  We have seasoned ourselves in the ins and outs of everyday maintenance, tenant screening, property preservation, and a better bottom line for you.  Also, four of our six employees are licensed Texas Realtors.
Our Fees Help Your Pocketbook…Our Commitment And Level Of Excellence Help Ease Your Mind
Unlike most things, our management fees are just as affordable as they have always been.  Just because our fees aren’t amongst the highest, doesn’t mean what you get isn’t.
We Have Remained An A+ Member Of The Better Business Bureau
We care about doing things right, or making them right.
We Are Here When You Need Us
Our phones are answered by one of our team during office hours.  You won’t be hassled by an automated system or reach a voice mail.  After hours, someone from our staff can be reached by email or through our answering service.
We Are Local
We are a local company using local trades people. You need someone who can keep an eye on your established investment and use affordable & proven-reputable trades people to maintain your property.
Taking Care Of Your Investment, Should You Be Out Of State Or Living Abroad
We are experts in absentee and out-of-country owner management. With clients as far away as Thailand & Saudi Arabia, we have established ourselves as the leader in providing management services to clients residing outside Texas.
We Can Help You Sell Your Investment(s), Or Find Additional
We have a great amount of experience in the marketing and selling of our Owners’ investment properties. We also assist our Owners in finding more properties that would make good investments.  Contact Linda for assistance.
·        Initial property inspection and evaluation (all homes are digitally chronicled in pictures)
·        Establishing rental rates and deposits
·        Advertising property for lease or sale
·        Attracting qualified tenants
·        Time-tested thorough screening of prospective tenants
·        Documentation of lease application, credit and criminal check
·        Collection of rent
·        Monthly distributions of rental proceeds by ACH or personal check
·        Routine Inspections of property
·        Maintain photographic records of each property managed
·        Establish costs for specific repairs and/or refurbishing
·        Professional 24-hour answering service to ensure 100% protection of the home and residents, in the event of an emergency
·        Monthly reports of income and expenses. All reports are e-mailed or mailed by the 15th of the month
·        Year end reports and tax accounting for each property

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